Hi, I am Matic, foster me!


Male – d. o. b. approx: 2011



Margaret L.



Matic was totaly recovery and ready for adoption. Where is his 5 star family?








Matic was already operated and his recovering well. Soon he could be adopted.





Matic has his second surgery to removed the external metals. His vet bill is 630€. Bianca needs help to pay the veterinary. Please support us and help us!





Matic has a fracture on his front leg and his pelvis bone too, but the most severe is the neurologic problem... He is slowly recovering so he can be operated. 





Matic was sheltered by Bianca on January 7 at 8:30am on the side of the road with a visible fracture on his leg. There he was, all wet with a broken leg and a head trauma. Was immediately taken to the vet!