Hi, I am Aquinafoster me !

Female – born 12/2006

Aquina is a daughter of Madalena, a wild female who left many puppies to Bianca but who never let herself be caught.

One day we found seven puppies, in a hole among bricks on a construction site. We took them to the shelter and four were adopted quite quickly but three stayed with us: Ayco, Ador, Aquina. (Later on we noticed that one more puppy stayed with the mother, Assis). The puppies were already 2 months old when we found them and they were already quite scared of people. Aquina is now adult and she is the most afraid of all siblings: she is terrified by people. She never lets herself be touched.




Ayco and Aquina video:


Aquina and her brother Ador

Aquina, always scared
The place where we found the puppies.