Hi, I am Lyndo, foster me!


Male – d. o. b. approx: 2012



Lisbeth Olsson 

Jill Ingall 


Lyndo continues recovering from his paw but its not being easy because he wants to run, play and walk. He needs to be constrained and can not walk much in order his paw fully recovered. The skin still very fragile. Lets wait he recovered very soon :)










Lyndo is at Bianca and is making new friends! He is recovering very well and luckly he will be able to walk normally and get a chance to be adopted. See how happy he is:




Lyndo is recovering visibly. He is a spectacular dog! It seems that is paw will be saved at 100% :)



Lyndo is recovering very well. We hope he may came to our shelter soon.






Lyndo felt in a boar trap and got stuck, we thing for a long time. He is extremely skinny. Probably he managed to escape out the trap by himself. His leg it is is a horrible condition. He was operated and the vet hopes him to recovered.