Lusa was found attached to the door of Bianca shelter with a heavy chain. She was very rhin and nearly with no fur on her body. She was very scared. She actually managed finally to escape by wriggling her head through the collar. We went looking for her but we could not find her. The nex day Ana was going by car to the shelter and saw Lusa laying in the shade by the side ot the road (it was very hot on that day), very tired and thirsty. She managed to put a collar on her and lead her to the car.

Lusa had sarna, a skin parasite, the treatment of which took many months. Nowadays Lusa is a big animal of 40 kg and her fur is dense and beautifull. She may be not very confident with strangers but whit us she is very sweet.

Lusa is a grateful animal and a wonderful companion!


















Lusa, when was found: