Hi, I am Monty, foster me!


Male – d. o. b. approx: 2006


Monty was abandoned on our door on 22nd of June 2008 in the morning by his owners, a couple that came as far as from Montijo. They actually had guts to leave their telephone number with a note that they don't want the dog. When we called them the woman simply said she did not want the dog. We said we would file a complaint with the police and she said we were welcome to do it, she was not afraid. We filed a complaint with SEPNA/ GNR (a local branch of police that deals with bad treatment of animals) but it did not bring any result.

Monty was a lovely dog, but very scared and he had certainly been treated very badly before. When a person approached him, he would hide or lowers himself and nearly lie down.... Moreover, he had an ilness of his eyes that required a surgery: entropia (eye lids rolling in and causing re-occuring abrasions to the eyes). He was operated soon afterwards, 22nd of August 2008 and it went well.

Nevertheless he stayed a very shy dog. He is used ot people that he sees in the shelter every day but when new ones come, he hides. The shelter is probably the only place in his life where he is well treated, fed and cared for. So he loves it. He gets along with other dogs and he likes the "usual people". But it is difficult to imagine him going to a new place with the fear of strangers he has. He will stay in the shelter as long as he needs but we need fostering parenst to support his life expenses.

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