Hi, I am Mariafoster me !

Female – born 2004

She was born on the streets and she was friends with Madalena (the wild female that left many puppies to Bianca and never allowed herself to be caught) and Assis (Madalena’s son). Maria was seen pregnant a few times but the puppies were never seen. We never understood what happened to them.

Bianca caught nearly all animals from the area of the former police station, Maria among others. She is very scared, if someone approaches her kennel, she hides herself in the house. During the first months of her stay in the shelter she was always hiding there.

She has leishmaniasis.

But Maria simply leads a calm life in the shelter, even if she is scared when the visitors arrive.



Celina, Marcus, Hannah, Elliot

In memory of Cyrell McBride.

Jean Stewart