Hi, I am Benjamin, foster me!


Male – d. o. b. approx: 01/2008


Benjamin has leishmaniasis, but he is treated and healthy. A dog with that disease can live many years and die of old age. And Benjamin is very gentle and sweet with people, he deserves a chance to have a good home.

Henny H.
Rashwan & Gina















On the 4th July, Saturday, when we arrived at Bianca shelter, there were 3 animals chained to the fence. One female and two males. Skinny to bones, full of parasites and fleas, looking very sick and being very scared... Poor animals must been very mistreated to be scared like this - they try to run away when we try to pet them.

They were all diagnosed with tick fever and leishmaniasis. Unfortunately one of them, Brigida, was already very sick and died. The two others, Benjamin and Bento went well through the treatment and are now with us in excellent form.