Hi, I am Aycofoster me !

Male – born 12/2006



Ayco is a son of Madalena, a wild stray female who left many puppies to Bianca but who never let herself be caught.

One day we found seven puppies, in a hole among bricks on a construction site. We took them to the shelter and four were adopted quite quickly but three stayed with us: Ayco, Ador, Aquina. (Later on we noticed that one more puppy stayed with the mother, Assis). The puppies were already 2 months old when we found them and they were already quite scared of people. Ayco is now adult and he is still afraid of strangers. He is very gentle though!

God Parents:

Ian Green

Ayco and Aquina video:



Ayco - puppy:


The place where we found the puppies.