Antonieta and America

Hi, I am America, foster me !

Hi, I am Antonieta, foster me !

Name: America and Antoinette
DN: 2007
Gender: Female
Habit: Medium
Features: sterilized
Vaccines: in days

They were born in Ribeiro de Cavalo, Zambujal, Sesimbra.
It was very difficult to catch them.
We had to use a trap. After a few attempts, we managed.
They were both very thin and scared. They were immediately sterilised. One had had puppies shortly before, they had been taken to the shelter by us and consequently adopted. The other one was pregnant when we caught her.

They are still scared and mistrustful of people but in the shelter they walk free and (like Anni) seem at ease as if they had been born there.



Fam. Bouwman Lotz






America and Antonieta:


Antonieta and Anni:


Antonieta and America and Anni: