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Bianca recruits throughout the year volunteers for all animal activities in our rescue center. Volunteers abroad are well come and make our dogs happy :)

Bianca rescue permanently 300 dogs, and several cats. The work of cleaning, feeding, medication is guaranteed by employees who love the dogs, and spend 9 hours daily at the shelter.
Every day we need take dogs to the veterinary, because they were abandoned that day in our center, or because we found them in the road, or simply because they get ill that day.

But the dogs need more. They need walks and activity to be balanced!
The exercise is very important not only to establish a relation with human being, but also to get necessary discipline and spend the energy of their bodies.

When we walk a dog we must teach the rules they need to know: who commands, what can he/she do.
Walking a dog, teaching the discipline and giving affection is the perfect combination to have the perfect dog! We need your help for that!

With so many dogs in the center – we have monthly 40 news dogs – it is impossible to give this kind of attention to all dogs.

Also socialize dogs is an important task in Bianca. We have several dogs that suffered various experiences before come to our center, that is why they are shy :( these dogs will not be adopted if we do not train them to lose the fear and believe in people. This is the also a role of our volunteers, socialize the dogs to be rehomed. It is too sad a dog stay at the shelter for a long time, because is shy and don’t know to walk on leash.

Bianca has several candidates to be socialized and have a chance to be rehomed and finally have a happy end!
Also brush and bath doggies are another grateful activity :) We have a proper space to bathe the dogs with a huge bathtub and hot water.

If you would like to volunteering in our rescue center, please contact us. We receive throughout the year visit of volunteers from all countries. This work is rewarding!

Contact us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it !
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The accommodations are located very close the shelter. 

Bianca has several bicycles for volunteers use.




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