00 - Adoptions every saturday

If you look for a pet, visit our shelter on satuday, from 12h to 17h.

There are 300 animals (dogs and cats) waiting an opportunity to be homed.

To reach us send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call to: 0351 964 423 018  

GPS coordenates:   +38° 29' 22.34", -9° 7' 25.73"

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 sacha    sina

02 - Appeal to our builds

Bianca needs to build more parks kennels for their animals.

The number of dogs continues to grow. So it is urgent to create conditions.

We call on donations in washed sand, cement, bricks, network panels for fence.

All support is welcome! Do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you! 


03 - New Book "When Angus met Donny" by Mike Gibb

The new book of Mike Gibb is based around Aberdeen FC and Aberdeen FC Community Trust mascots Angus the Bull and Donny the sheep with a guest appearance from Si the seagull (who is sunning himself in the Canary Island – where else would a bird go for his summer holidays?)

A book for children aged 5 to 95. The book costs £5/ 6 Euros and will come signed.

All proceeds from its sale will go directly to Friends of Bianca.

Orders, please contact: info@friendsofbianca.org.