01 - Adoptions every saturday

If you look for a pet, visit our shelter on satuday, from 12h to 17h.

There are 300 animals (dogs and cats) waiting an opportunity to be homed.

To reach us send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call to: 
932 592 590  

GPS coordenates:   +38° 29' 22.34", -9° 7' 25.73"

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02 - Millan wish


03 - Book "Anna's adventures in Wonderland" by Mike Gibb


Delighted to announce that the new book, with wonderful illustrations by David Stout, is now available. A silly and funny re-working of the Alice story with Anna the Labrador in the eponymous role. Along the way Anna meets a variety of characters including the rapping July Hare, the decidely ungrinning Yorkshire Cat, a Queen infatuated with One Direction and many more. The book is designed to appeal to people in the 5 to 95 age range!
The book costs £5/ 6 Euros and will come signed.
All proceeds from its sale will go directly to Friends of Bianca.
For further details including postage costs in Portugal, contact sesimbra.bianca@gmail.com. 
Orders abroad please contact: info@



04 - Discount on classes for dogs and cats adopted

Bianca and the Canine Centre Val de Palmela established a protocol whereby the company offers a discount of 10% in education services to dogs and cats adopted from Bianca.