Temporary Families for Cats

Bianca doesn't have a cattery - the only way we manage to rescue cats and kittens is by placing them in temporary families. All costs are covered by the Association until the cats' final adoption: food, vaccination, veterinary costs, etc.

The only condition is that the cats have to be inside the house, not outside.

Temporary Families for Puppies

We need Temporary Families for Puppies: the puppies should stay with them until they get the second vaccinations. If they enter our shelter without vaccinations, they are in serious danger because they may get ill. Staying in temporary families until they are fully vaccinated is the best option for them and for us. After the second vaccination they can come to the shelter. All costs are supported by Bianca: food, eventual medications, deworming and vaccinations. 


Temporary Families for Senior Animals and Animals in Recovery

We also need temporary families for seniors animals, dogs and cats and animals who are in recovery (fro example broken leg, skin treatment, operation, etc.): basically all those who, due to their physical and health conditions require special care or treatment. All costs are supported by Bianca: food, medications, deworming and vaccinations. 

If you want to help us and offer a temporary home for cats or dogs to facilitate their adoption, please contact us.